About the Centre for Culture and Development


Centre for Culture and Development (CCD) was registered as a nonprofit charitable trust under Indian Trust laws in 1990.

Director, Samy Arul (right) with Dr P Thamizoli in the field

The Director, Samy Arul, has twenty years of grassroots experience in the development field working with marginalized communities .

Traditionally, India has always been a peaceful haven where people lived simple, happy communal lives. Sadly, this idyllic scenario does not hold true for too many of India’s 750 million rural people whose lives have become a tale of a hopeless socio–economic situation and where life is prevalent with disease, lack of education and opportunities, apathy, isolation and despair.

The primary objective of CCD is to render whatever possible assistance to poor and marginalized communities in the rural areas of India to promote sustainable livelihoods on a non-profit basis. Empowering the poor within their capacities to lead a quality life, freeing them from poverty, eradicating illiteracy and unemployment is the overall strategy of CCD.

We reach out to all destitute and poor to provide opportunities to grow and develop irrespective of his/her caste, gender and creed to establish a support system.

CCD is assisting the farmers to return to traditional and organic methods of farming that respects the environment, promtes health and guarantees food security for all. The aim is to create integrated, humane, environmentally and economically sustainable agricultural production systems. Maximum reliance is placed on locally or farm-derived renewable resources and the management of self-regulating ecological and biological processes and interactions in order to provide acceptable levels of crop, livestock and human nutrition, protection from pests and diseases, and an appropriate financial return to the human and other resources employed.

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